Zooper Strollers Reviewed 2019

Zooper strollers are one of the most popular stroller brands of the day. Their jogging models and double models are some of the most popular sellers internationally, all from their headquarters in Oregon. 

Zooper are most well-known for combining reliability, fashion forward styling, and affordable prices.

While many other stroller companies may do particular things better, there aren’t many that do so many things well as the good all around brand that is Zooper.

The perennial good performer in Consumer Reports as well is in the reviews sections of shopping sites like Amazon, Zooper has become a household name similar to Ford or Chevy because of their perfect marriage of value for dollar. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular models currently on the market. 

Zooper offers three main categories of stroller. These include luxury models, “smart” models, and “escape” models. While both smart and escape categories have multiple offerings, there is only one true “luxury” model and that is the Z9.

Z9 Luxury Stroller Overview

The Z9 is a single seater that takes a zero-compromise approach to quality, comfort, and convenience. As the flagship model of all Zooper strollers, the burden of representing the brand lies on the Z9’s shoulders.

The Z9 is a beefed up and stylized version of the “Waltz” and is the most premium luxury offering in the Zooper line up. It uses the best, most durable fabrics and comes in five unique color schemes to match your parenting style.

The branding is bold, with “Zooper” printed on the safety bar in front, on the storage bag below, on the storage bag in back, and on the seat itself. But when you spend this much for a luxury stroller, don’t you want the world to know?

Some of the biggest Pros of the Z9 include:

  • Subtle color options (not just your primary colors but an eclectic pallette)
  • Compatibility with Waltz add-ons and accessories
  • Supreme adjustability
  • One-step link brake (better for reliability)
  • Swiveling front wheels
  • UV-blocking canopy
  • Built in head pillow for infants
  • Light-weight onstruction
  • Modern unisex styling

Some of the biggest Cons of the Z9 include:

  • Only seats one
  • Has quite prominent branding
  • High price tag

Overall the Z9 is a great option for parents of one child who want to buy one quality stroller they can use around town or in the city and not worry about looking completely out of place in either location.

Tango Smart Overview

The Tango Smart falls into Zooper’s product category called “smart” means they focus more on being practical and economic instead of “premium” or “luxury”.

Make no doubts about it though, there is nothing cheap about the Tango dual stroller. It takes the supreme ergonomics and tough build quality and simply doubles it up so that it can seat two instead of just one.

There is also a more outdoor focused, cheaper version of the Tango called the Tango Escape. We’d stick with the Smart variant as it has more practical features.

The Tango Smart is a relatively compact option in terms of dual strollers and brings all of the features we’ve come to know and love about Zooper to this double-seat offering.

Instead of doing a one in front, one in back layout the Tango puts both children next to each other.

We like this layout as it allows the kids to interact with each other to help keep them entertained, and the canopy can be drawn to separate them more if they don’t get along.

Some pros to the Tango Smart include:

  • Simple engineering
  • Reliable build quality
  • Unique color offerings including a rad yellow/blue combination
  • Side-by-side arrangement
  • Dual swivel wheels up front
  • Built in head support, UV-protecting canopies and ergonomic grips

Some cons of the Tango Smart include:

  • Side by side arrangement makes for a white stroller
  • Rear wheels are a bit small
  • Quite heavy overall
  • No all-black option (black comes with a cherry red dual color scheme)

Overall the Tango Smart is definitely a smart option for anyone with two similarly aged children that get along well enough to sit side-by-side on family outings.

Waltz Smart Overview

The Waltz is one of Zooper’s best-selling strollers and that’s for a good reason; it perfectly balances price and quality.

In the age of $500+ strollers being the “norm” it is refreshing to see a quality product that can be had for under $300.

The Waltz is in the “Smart” product line, meaning it is more focused on being economical and practical instead of luxurious or show-offy like the premium Z9. There is also a slightly cheaper variant with less features for more outdoorsy focused parents called the Waltz Escape.

The Waltz Smart is a compact yet full-sized city stroller that is built to take anything you can throw at it on a full day out and about on the town.

The dual slung front swivel wheels allow the stroller to be easily maneuvered even in tight spaces and the thick frame means this can handle even the thickets of children plus all of your daily necessities like food, clothes, and toys.

Some of the pros of the Waltz include:

  • Hard earned recognizable name
  • Nice balance of storage, versatility and size
  • Durable construction
  • Very fair price point

Some of the cons of the Waltz include:

  • Perhaps too big for some people
  • Slightly clunky large construction
  • Again, no all-black option which we find the easiest to hide dirt

Overall there is no denying the Waltz as an all time best seller. It perfectly marries quality and features at a very very attractive price point. If Ikea made strollers this is the kind of product we’d expect them to produce.

Zooper Twist Smart Overview

The Twist Smart is the more urban-focused variant of the light-weight and highly portable Twist model. There is also an outdoor and off-road variant called the Twist Escape.

The twist is a modern take on the classic foldable stroller design that is a favorite for families on the move or families who frequently travel and need something that folds down into a small, lightweight and compact form.

The Twist Smart has a small profile which makes it the most highly maneuverable option in the Zooper line up.

This is thanks to a relatively small footprint as well as dual slung swivel wheels up front so you can turn on a dime when needed.

Just because the Twist Smart is small doesn’t mean it isn’t feature packed. This is truly a case of “doing more with less”.

Some of the pros of the Twist Smart include:

  • Ultra-lightweight construction for easy travel
  • Small footprint for easy navigation in crowded areas
  • Feature packed, small size doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality
  • Logical ergonomics for parents, and a cup holder too!

Some of the cons of the Twist Smart include:

  • Light weight construction means lighter infants
  • Portability always sacrifices some structural rigidity
  • Relatively short canopy

Overall we like the Twist Smart and if we could have two strollers this would definitely be one of them. The other one we’d have would be the outdoor-adventure focused jogging-friendly stroller called the Danzon Escape..

The Danzon Escape Overview

The Danzon Escape is Zoopers full-fledged athletic offering in the single-child stroller category. With big beefy wheels and a big heavy-duty shock absorbing springs in the back this stroller is designed to go places!

The Danozn takes the build quality that Zooper has become famous for and applies it to a stroller with the structural integrity required to explore the outdoors in comfort.

Big diameter wheels, swivel wheels up front, die-cast metal locking mechanisms, adjustable handle heights and fully slung suspension in the back means this stroller is ready to take on the trails without slowing you down.

The biggest pros of the Danzon Escape are obviously its rugged design for use outdoors. This same rugged design is also it’s greatest weakness as this is not the stroller we’d want to go traveling with.

Ultimately, if you can only afford one good “all-arounder” stroller we’d probably go with the Waltz Smart.

However if you can afford two then you can get strollers that specialize. If this were the case we’d get the Twist Smart for light-weight and highly maneuverable urban use and then we’d have the Danzon Escape for the weekends and park trips.

Do you have a Zooper stroller? If so let us know in the comments below what you think of it!

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