iCandy Strollers Reviewed 2019

iCandy took baby stroller and pushchairs to the next level in terms of styling and have been leading the market in terms of fashion-statement pieces that double as child-movers. The simple foldable designs have become icons within the industry.

While iCandy has recently branched out into “MiChair” high-chairs for the kitchen and sleeping rockers for the living room the brand’s staple remains its strollers. The Raspberry, Apple, Strawberry, Peach, Peach All-Terrain, and Orange strollers all suit their particular niche perfectly.

A Review of iCandy’s Best-Seling Models

For those of you in particular who care more about looks and fashion then there is even a Peach Designer Collection that brings bespoke luxury to moms and dads all around the world.

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